Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Varsity Athlete

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Varsity Athlete

November marks career month across Canada highlighting the exceptional skills of the Canadian workforce and harnessing the talent of emerging students for the jobs of today. Students of Sheridan College build their skill sets through hands-on learning, making them leaders and innovators that are inspired to drive change and make a difference in their communities and beyond upon graduation. Sheridan Bruin student-athlete graduates gain uniue experiences through their time in the classroom and on the field or court, that fosters leadership, discipline, and an acceptance and appreciation for fair play, equity, and inclusion.

Our Bruin student athletes strive for excellence in every realm of their post-secondary careers both academically and athletically and embody our vision of: Study. Compete. Graduate. Succeed. Graduating Bruins are ready for success and while we know they'll show you themselves, here are four reasons employers should hire a graduating student athlete!

It's in the details

Student athletes will understand, perfect, and account for every detail on projects, ventures, and tasks. These incredibly detail-oriented individuals have spent countless hours mastering their craft and understand that even the smallest of details cannot be overlooked to maximize the end result.

Time Managers

No one can manage their time quite like a student athlete. For the duration of their lives they have likely balanced schoolwork, rigorous practice schedules, social activities, and part-time jobs while finding the correct balance to succeed at each. A student athlete can manage and excel with a multitude of tasks, allotting their time where it is needed most while still prioritizing health, friends, and family.

Live to Lead

Leadership skills are engrained in student athletes from their first steps on campus to the moment they walk across the convocation stage. In their pursuit of victory, athletes understand that wearing their institution's colours is an opportunity to showcase the values representative of their school, such as fair play, celebration of diversity, and the embrace of inclusivity. Further, athletes hold the knowledge that one person will never win a game or match; instead successes are accomplished through collaboration and teamwork toward a common goal. A student athlete will raise any teams morale by honing in on their teammates' strengths, focusing on the next steps to achieving the company's goal and representing their workplace with positive professionalism.

Life Long Learners

Athletes are tenacious in their pursuit of victory and attack every problem having considered all possible outcomes. Whether on the rink, court or field, athletes are accustomed to making the best decision under pressure, with multiple stimuli surrounding them, while considering their opponent's next move and having several backup plans at the ready to drive their team towards success. While all game-time decisions do not result in victory, athletes are resilient in achieving their goals, viewing losses as learning opportunities to better equip themselves for the future. An athlete will relentlessly chase the goals of any company and learn from previous trials and errors to achieve success.