Men's & Women's Cross Country CCAA Championship

Men's & Women's Cross Country CCAA Championship

Brampton, Ont - This past weekend the team flew out to Grande Prairie, Alberta to race in the CCAA Championships competing against 15 teams across Canada. Throughout the weekend the team stayed motivated and in high spirits, despite the weather not being ideal and winter setting in! The weather was definitely not on their side as Grande Prairie had already received a snow fall and temperatures were into the high negatives! The Bruins did not let the weather conditions stop them from being prepared and performing their best. At Muskoseepi Park on November 9th, they ran in snow, rain and the temperature was -29 with the wind chill. Congratulations to all Bruin runners as they not only battled the race but the weather also!


The Men's team finished 4th overall and the Bruins top male runner was Cameron Ross, finishing the 8km race in 16th place with a time of 00:30:05. The Women's team finished 12th overall and our top female runner, Lexy Pakenham- Troth finished the 6km race in 36th place with an overall time of 00:28:28 with only Marla Brown seconds behind her at 39th place. 

Individual Results



Marla Brown- 39th with a 00:28:36 

Yonta Gilliespie- 51st with a 00:29:20 

Danielle Blanchette- 81st with a 00:31:15 

Isabel Catalli- 84th place with a 00:31:29 

Jessie Thompson- 89th place with a 00:32:42 



Cole Bone- 27th place with a 00:30:33

David Domodossola- 28th place with a 00:30:33

Eamon Hillis- 56th place with a 00:31:40 

Quinn Middleton- 66th place with a 00:32:23

Jacob Dayot- 80th place with a 00:33:20


Congratulations again to all the XC Bruins on an amazing season! 

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