20-4-20: "Recorded Body Weight Workout"

20-4-20: "Recorded Body Weight Workout"

We are now closing out our third week of our 20-4-20 initiative, with today's act being number six!

Sometimes you can't always make those live fitness classes during the day due to other commitments or maybe you get stressed out from following along and not being able to keep up! We wanted to offer a variety of fitness services to help everyone! If you are an avid workout person or maybe you want to take advantage of this time and start moving your body more, either way, we have a workout for you!

Today's workout is pre-recorded so you can do it at your pace! Maybe you can only do one round and need to go finish a report, and come back and finish the second round when you have time, or maybe you just need a break and need to pause it for a couple minutes to grab water and rest, that is okay, the positive part is you are moving your body!

The workout is written below and the video provides the example of what each exercise should look like!

Our fitness instructor, Cheryl-Anne Shirley is the Program Support Specialist for the Pilon School of Business, but also she teaches fitness classes at Davis campus, so you might recognize her!

Cheryl-Anne has an array of certifications from being certified in Spin, Yoga and also has experience teaching muscle, condition and is a personal trainer for those one-one sessions! She knows that life can get stressful and working out is her primary source of stress relief and she has made a conscious effort to make working out apart of her lifestyle!

Body Weight Workout

Do your own warm up to get heart rate up!

The workout breaks down to 2 different rounds, of 3 exercise, that you are to do for 45 seconds and no break in between each exercise. At the end of the 3 exercise, take a 30 second break and start again from the top of the round! Try to complete the rounds 2-3 times.

Round 1 - Completed all 3 exercises 2-3 times total

1. Walk or Jog (45 seconds)

2. Knee up (slow) (45 seconds)

3. Jumping jacks (slow) (45 seconds)

Round 2 - Completed all 3 exercises 2-3 times total

1. Butt kicks (fast) (45 seconds)

2. Knee up fast (fast) (45 seconds)

3. Jumping jacks (fast) (45 seconds)

Core Round

This round is 7 exercises for 45 seconds each with a 10 second break! Complete this round 2-3 times!

1. Crunches

2. Legs raise with both or one leg at a time

3. Russian twist with legs up or down

4. Cross body mountain climbers

5. Flutter kick

6. Plank knees to elbow

7. Plank with hip dips

 Way to go Bruins!