20-4-20: "Bruins Trick Shot Challenge"

20-4-20: "Bruins Trick Shot Challenge"

As we close out Week 7 of our 20-4-20 initiative, where every Tuesday and Thursday for 10 weeks (20 acts) Athletics completes 20 acts of outreach to the Bruins community and the greater surrounding communities for the year 2020. Today marks our 14 act, and we wanted to bring out some of that creative and competitive spirit in you Bruins!

Today is the Bruins Trick Shot Challenge! Its simple, find whatever you want to use around your home as props and make a trick shot and make sure you record it!

Once you have recorded it, send it to us/tag us in it on Instagram, and we will repost it for all the Bruins to see! (Instagram @SheridanBruins)

We thought you might be a little shy, so some of the Athletics staff and their families, did some at home to start you off...

Send us yours, Bruins!