20-4-20 "Healthy Eating Ideas & Plant Based Eating Tips"

20-4-20 "Healthy Eating Ideas & Plant Based Eating Tips"

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires more than just working out and being active, overall health and wellness is also maintaining a healthy diet, a diet full of healthy alternatives and fruits and vegetables, with the treat every now and then, of course!

For today's 20-4-20 act of outreach, we wanted to focus more of the eating side of health & wellness. Today, we have Varsity Coordinator, Tahir Khan to give you some healthy eating ideas. On top of that, Tahir will be giving you an overview with some tips on eating plant based. Nutrition is a topic that is always at the forefront of conversations regarding health and for a very good reason. A healthy nutritional approach is a key element of good health and vitality. One of the fastest growing trends in the nutrition field is plant-based nutrition/eating. Plant-based eating is gaining momentum for a multitude of reasons including improved overall health and environmental sustainability and more and more people are asking questions about how to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet. The focus of this week video is providing tips and tricks to help get started on how to incorporate plant-based foods into your diet, along with some meal ideas.

And.. we have exciting news! Coming soon, we will release a "Guide to Plant Based Eating" to help those who are wanting to change up their diets or maybe just looking for some alternatives. Stay tuned for that release very soon!!

If you have any questions about Plant Based Eating, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!  You can send your questions to Caitlin


Content Created by Tahir & Aneesa Khan, Health and Wellness enthusiasts Instagram Page 

Video Created by Nathan McVean (3rd year honours of Bacherlor of Photography student at Sheridan) Instagram Page