Pedesterian Safety Campaign

Pedesterian Safety Campaign

The Peel Regional Police (PRP) are out in full force once again, reminding students that safety is important even when the campuses are closed. 

On Friday, September 25th, the PRP hosted their annual Pedestrian Safety Campaign outside HMC. They encourage students to take care around any crosswalk, intersection, or even school zone. Just because the campuses are closed, doesn't mean cars can't still be dangerous.

Community safety is important to every person, on and off the road, especially for everyone here at Sheridan. Sheridan Athletics supported the PRP at this year's event with the athletic team providing shirts to those attending. Our Bruins want to promote campus safety and community engagement.

Both proper road safety and COVID-19 safety was encouraged at the event. Now, not only should pedestrians pay attention to the road, but each other. They remind everyone to keep 6 feet apart from others on the crosswalks, wearing face masks at all times when out of the house.

Last year, 42 pedestrians were killed in road accidents. In the first six months of 2020, thanks to the efforts of distracted driving awareness and pedestrian safety campaigns, the number has decreased to just 7. Injuries are still very high, but the number of deaths has significantly decreased.

This event takes place yearly in collaboration with PRP, Oxford Property (Sq1), City of Mississauga, Metrolinx, and Sheridan College.

*Video is from the 2019 Event.


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Article by: Nate McVean