Wellness Wednesday: Bell Let's Talk

Wellness Wednesday: Bell Let's Talk

Bell Lets Talk

      In closing of the month of January also known as Mental Health Awareness month, today marks the day in which Bell, a telecommunications company has set forth a day to take the time to bring an awareness, and action “to putting an end to mental illness stigmas and promote conversation”.

More specifically, with the intensions of breaking down the stigmas around mental illness, Bell has developed four crucial topics to which they’ve identified as key contributors to create an awareness: fight the stigma, improve the access to care, support world class research, lead by example in the workplace when considering individuals mental health. Initiated back in September of 2010 with Bell Let’s Talk Day, Bell has fundraised an ever evolving “total of $100,695,763.75 to the mental health program”.

With the desire to contribute to the cause, today's the day to do so; “for every applicable text, call, tweet, social media video, and use of the #BellLetsTalk Facebook frame or Snapchat filter”, Bell will donate 5¢ to Canadian Mental Health initiatives. So, help create an awareness to mental health because at the end of the day one tweet can help someone like you in need of mental health support.

 Lear more here: Bell Let's Talk

Upcoming Events:

Tomorrow, January 30th, at 6pm & 8pm, the Varsity Women's & Men's Volleyball games will be promoting Bell Let's Talk, by having giveaway toques, thundersticks and oporuntites for you to share messages to everyone, as well as the chance to win Apple Air Pods! Come out tomorrow night to Trafalgar Gymnasium to support the volleyball teams and Bell Let's Talk!


Written By: Bailie Norville