Wellness Wednesday: Anxiety

Wellness Wednesday: Anxiety


Continuing the conversation around mental health awareness month, another mental health illness that is common in today’s society is Anxiety. When looking at anxiety and the symptoms it has to one’s self, anxiety in some ways, is the body’s natural way of preparing itself to overcoming a stressful situation. When, however, someone is encountering anxious episodes on a regular basis even when there isn’t a stressful situation, that’s the body preparing for “fight” and that’s where the issue arises.

More specifically, for someone who is frequently battling “intense, excessive, and persistent repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety” it’s critical to get help and make changes for the better. That said, moving forward in helping to reduce the effects of anxiety, the best thing one can do is reach out to talk to someone, and never feel alone or afraid.

Sheridan College offers opportunities for you to talk to someone and feel less alone. Visit the Sheridan Counselling Services page and book an appointment today! If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with a Counsellor just yet, look to family, friends or even classmates or Professors.


Written By: Bailie Norville