Wellness Wednesday!

Wellness Wednesday!

Student Perspective: Healthy Eating on a Budget 

As students, we tend to put our own health and wellbeing on the sidelines, especially when it comes to the foods we eat to sustain brainpower. Starting off eating healthy is the biggest component to living a healthy lifestyle. Now by no means do you need to go on a crazy diet and cut an entire food group out of your system. Balance is good; It’s all in variety and eating clean. You may be wondering “How do I eat healthy for less?”, consider planning your grocery list by the meals you want to cook, and then prepping your meals in advance, so they are ready in the fridge. The reason why meal prepping is such a beneficial thing is because as a student who is always on the go it will help you to save time and help prevent from eating unhealthy and spending money, which at the end of the day will help you to improve your overall health and wellbeing. 


Steps to Eating on a Budget and Meal Prepping:  

  1. Set a fiancial budget 
  2. Create a list of what foods you like and are healthy
    1. Compare prices between grocery stores. There are many apps out there to help, one is Flipp, which allows you to review multiple flyers from all different grocery stores and compare prices for price matching. 
    2. Don’t be afraid of buying extra, stock up and use your freezer!
  3. Shop the weekend before the upcoming week. Plan a day which makes it easy with your schedule, so it becomes a routine.(Maybe Sunday?)
  4. Prepare your meals. Cook big batches of the meals and snacks, so that it is easy when you are on the go!
    1. Once prepared place your meals for each day in separate containers, making it easier to follow day by day in the upcoming week.
    2. *Note: Never fear extras, you can freeze them and that way the following week you have a meal already made and no stress and contantly asking "What to make for dinner?"
  5. ENJOY! Focus on your studies and never stress about money or what to eat again!


Written By: Bailie Norvillel