Wellness Wednesday: Finals Survival Guide

Wellness Wednesday: Finals Survival Guide

First semester of the school year is coming to a close, and although that means winter break is not far behind, that also means finals time is in full effect. As stressful and overwhelming as finals season can be, using a few tips and tricks it can help lighten the load.

Looking to the overall concept of studying as a critical component to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed is through creating a plan. In developing a plan your able to space out designated study times for yourself resulting in the decreased potential of cram studying the night before, as well as it creates opportunity to even out the amount off studying needed for each course. In regards to the ideal study environment, a key tip would be to avoid studying in places to where you can get easily distracted; a few good places could be the library or at a quite study desk. Overall the key to finding a good study environment, is one that keeps areas of leisure separate from areas of study, that way the likelihood of the brain switching on and off and getting distracted is reduced. Another common way to get distracted is through cell phone use, so in order to limit the odds, you can silence your notifications, limit screen time under phone settings, as well as completely power off your cell phone and put it in a room completely separate from where you chose to study.

Lastly, two things that contributes to individual success during finals time is sleep and nutrition. In regards to sleep, as easy as it may be to get, but putting sleep on the back burner to just get those two extra hours of studying in, is not strongly advised. In order to give the body the time it needs to regenerate, it is required that everyone mush have “between 7 to 9 hours” (Smith, M., Robinson, L., & Segal, R, 2019) in order to “sustain overall energy, efficiency and health” (Smith, M., Robinson, L., & Segal, R, 2019).

In regards to nutrition, a good tip to sustain energy throughout studying is to have snacks. Now as convenient as it may be to snack on a bag of chips, ideally the best snack to “help stabilize brain energy levels and maintain focus” (Row, 2018) is protein; therefore a handful of almonds is a perfect balance between having a protein in your system, as well as something that contains “healthy fats and fiber that can also help balance blood sugar levels” (Rowe, 2018). Two other common healthy snacks that assist with brain function is dark chocolate, which improves one’s ability to think clearer and focus, and anti-oxidant rich fruits like blueberries which supplies vitamins and minerals to the body that assist with body function and regulate body levels.

So, plan out your weeks and write down exactly when and where you are going to study and plan out what snack you can have ready to grab and go. Don't forget to turn off cell phones and get a good nights rest!


Good luck to all Bruins on their finals!



Written By: Bailie Norville

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