Wellness Wednesday: New Year, New You

Wellness Wednesday: New Year, New You

You did it!! You made it to another new year, a fresh start, a new beginning. With starting a new year, we tend to put forth New Year’s Resolutions; a variety of goals and new habits we want to implement in our lives to help us change an undesired trait or behavior, thus overall improving our lives for the better.

Now you may already be on your way, concurring your resolution with no issues at all, however if you find yourself already starting to veer off track remind yourself that you are human and that it’s okay to fall off track sometimes, don’t beat yourself up cause at the end of the day it’s all in how you get back on track and not give up. To stay on track, try highlighting your successes by keeping a log of your progress and rewarding yourself at the end of each achievement. You deserve it!

Now assuming that you haven’t made any resolution as of yet but want to, look to unfavourable behaviours or habits you found yourself doing last year and think to realistic, step by step ways you can adjust that behaviour to the point in which you’re no longer doing it.

Overall, view the year 2020 as a fresh start. Continue to work hard and thrive like the year before, as well as adjust certain habits you believe are in need of change, however don’t forget to sit back once and a while to give yourself a break and the time it need to relax and regenerate.


Written by: Bailie Norville