Sick Season Life Hacks

Sick Season Life Hacks

'‘Tis the season' and unfortunately that doesn’t include the festive, holiday season that comes with a three-week long winter break. Sadly, the topic of discussion is common colds. 

With the combination of the weather changing resulting in us staying inside all the time, and project and exam season fast approaching, resulting in us studying 24/7 without allowing ourselves the time needed to recover, we end up running our bodies down to where it becomes more susceptible to catching the common cold. 

If you are ever suffering from the common cold this season, for a quick recovery follow the simple life hacks bellow. 

Life Hacks

  1. Stay Hydrated!!

Not only in your everyday life is it important to drink water, but also when you’re sick. As a result of your body creating a lot of mucous to trap the unwanted virus in your body, it’s important to replenish the loss through drinking water, which will also help maintain bodily fluid balance, as well as improve overall body system function. 

  1. Finally.…SLEEP

Getting proper rest is crucial for fast recovery. In order for the body to have enough energy to fight against the common cold it’s important to give it the time it needs to regenerate and recover; as adults we need between 7 to 9 hours Sleep Guide. Further, proper rest also gives the body the time it needs to “repair and restore all organ system” Popular Science, which is important especially because they are working on over drive in fighting against the common cold virus.  

  1. Go Green! 

All though chicken noodle soup is the common go to for things to eat when you’re sick, fruits and vegetables should be too. Eating a variety of different colourful fruits and vegetables is important; due to the fact that there is not one fruit of vegetable that has all the micronutrients needed in the diet, variety is important. Micronutrients, ie.vitamins and mineral are then essential because they are full of antioxidants that detox the body thus boosting the body’s immune system.

  1. Take in some of that “Fresh Air”

As crazy as it may sound getting fresh air is a benefit to a fast common cold recovery. As easy as it may be to stay inside, sitting in front of the TV all day, it’s beneficial to get up moving and getting some fresh air. The reason why fresh air is so valuable in common cold recovery is due to the fact that it helps open the nasal passage resulting in cleaning out the lungs, strengthen the immune system and boosting your emotions giving you more energy to fight against your cold.   

  1. “Exercise isn’t a bad thing”

I’m sure the last thing your thinking about is exercising while feeling under the weather, however even the slightest form of exercise like a group fitness yoga class or even walking on the tread mill at the Sheridan gym can be beneficial. As you sweat, it’s your bodies way of detoxifying itself in slowly getting rid of the virus. In addition, through exercise it gets the heart pumping and blood moving faster resulting in the bodily systems to heal faster.


Stick to these simple, easy hacks, & your common cold might be easier to manage!