Wellness Wednesday: Beat the Burnout

Wellness Wednesday: Beat the Burnout

Life as a student can be demanding: there are classes, papers, part-time jobs, commutes, and extra-curricular commitments, all while trying to make time for your friends, family, and yourself!

It can be difficult to maintain, but here are 4 easy steps to help you beat burnout and keep your life balanced:

Carve 5 or more minutes a day for yourself doing an activity you enjoy (do nothing else in this time!)

Make rest a priority! Sleep / uninterrupted rest is imperative to keeping your body functioning at its best. 

Be comfortable saying No. The quickest path to burnout is not understanding your limits. Learning how to say No makes you focus only on the things that matter most. 

List it! Write a list of important tasks from most to least; this helps place your energy where it is needed most!

Unplug! Give your brain time throughout the day to be disconnected from social media or your phone, allowing for rest and recharge.

Utilize these 5 tips during your busiest times studying, writing or working to feel calmer and in control!