Wellness Wednesday: Bust exam season stress

Wellness Wednesday: Bust exam season stress

Does exam season have you feeling like there is not enough time in the day? Take a deep breath and use these 5 tips for performing at your best this exam season!

Break it down. Take large tasks such as studying for a course, and break them down into smaller pieces. For example by unit, chapter, or topics. This will allow the studying to feel more manageable and allow you to tackle tasks one by one.

Work Smart. Picture studying like training for a long jump contest. Would you jump as far as you could as many times in a row as possible until you burned out? The answer is likely no, as this wouldn’t allow your muscles to perform at their best come contest day. Treat studying and your brain the same way by scheduling regular study breaks, allowing your brain to rest, recover, and ace that exam.

Sleep, sleep, sleep. While it is tempting to study until all hours of the night with the goal of retaining as much information as possible, the fact is your body needs rest to perform at its best. Keep your sleep schedule in a routine and head to bed at the same time each evening for improved memory retention and a rested mind. 

Move your body. Exercise increases your overall mood, concentration, and energy levels. Something as simple as a 15-minute loop around campus, to the nearest coffee shop or up and down a few flights of stairs helps relieve stress and maintain focus. 

Visualize success. Switch from contemplating your worst-case scenarios - which heighten exam anxiety - to envisioning your best-case scenarios such as successfully recalling information. This can help you feel confident and ready come exam day.

Divide up your studying, take breaks, allow time for rest, keep moving, and visualize the positives for a healthy, successful exam season. Best of luck Bruins!