Wellness Wednesday: Heart Health

Wellness Wednesday: Heart Health

Heart Health

             In the month of February, specifically on the 14th, we take the time to celebrate and express the love we share for the significant individuals in our lives. Not only do we take time to love and appreciate others, but we also need to take the time to bring awareness to heart health. To start off, the heart alone is a crucial organ in the body that is essential to sustaining life due to the fact that it is “at the centre of the circulatory system” meaning; it’s job is to pump blood, full of oxygen and nutrients, throughout the body as well as take “away any unwanted carbon dioxide and waste products”. In addition, if the heart was not working sufficiently, toxins would be left in the body and oxygenated filled blood would not be getting to the places that are in need, such as the brain or any other organ in the body.

So, the question is How do I sustain a healthy heart?, The answer is easy:

  1. If you currently smoke or want to smoke, don’t. Eliminate any likelihood of putting toxins in your body
  2. Eat well, it’s understood that once in a while you’ll want to have some sort of “unhealthy food” but try your best to eat in moderation, and limit consumption of fatty foods due to the fact that it can build fat in the arteries of the heart resulting in reduced blood flow. 
  3. Manage stress. How you might do that is number 4...
  4. Stay active, the heart is a muscle, therefore, exercise will build the overall strength of the organ and increase its ability to efficiently transport blood throughout the body.

In conclusion, it is important to think about your health long term and in doing so it can be easily improved through simple changes to your everyday lifestyle. An interesting fact to take away, from the Heart and Stroke Foundation... “8 of 10 cases of premature heart disease and stroke cases are preventable through healthy lifestyle behaviours”...let’s not be one of the 8 cases.



Written By: Bailie Norville

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