New Year, New Goals: 4 ways to crush your 2019 resolutions

New Year, New Goals: 4 ways to crush your 2019 resolutions

With the turn to a new year, many put a renewed focus on health, wellness, and fitness, and often that comes in the form of New Years Resolutions. To help you stay on track with yours, here are 4 ways to crush your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions, by adjusting your focus and making them part of your routine.

Step 1: Make your goal specific

Resolutions like "be active" or "eat healthier" have positive, impactful intentions, but we need to give those goals some detail to make them achievable. Setting specific goals such as "increase my heartrate 3 times per week" or "have 1 vegetable with dinner everyday" allows for goals we can measure and adjust if needed.

Step 2: Break it Down

Breaking down goals into smaller increments makes them reachable and lets us see our success. For example, with the goal of "increasing my heart rates three times per week" it's easier to achieve when we break it down:

• I will run in my neighbourhood on Monday evenings
• I will play ultimate frisbee every Wednesday at lunch hour
• I will swim laps at the community centre each Friday

Setting smaller goals shows us how to smash our overall goal.

Step 3: Set deadlines

Write out a timeline for when you’d like to achieve your milestones. Do you want to run 3kms by March? Make your resolutions concrete by creating a schedule for yourself.

Step 4: Celebrate Successes

You don't have to be DJ Khaled to celebrate success. No matter whether your goal was big or small, any step in the right direction deserves recognition. Goal setting isn’t easy, so make sure you give yourself some credit and recognize those moments of achievement. 

Good luck crushing those resolutions, Bruins!