Men's Soccer on 5 Game Winning Streak

Men's Soccer on 5 Game Winning Streak

Oakville, Ont - Sporting a 5-1 record this season, with a current 5 game winning streak it's safe to say the Bruins are most definitely steering the ship in the right direction, on root to concur once again in the OCAA Championships.

With the second game of the season against the Lambton Lions (0-5-1), pulling a 4-0 win the offensive line proved to be no match against the Lions defence, showing exceptional drive and determination in drawing a win after coming off of a previous season loss. As for the Bruins defensive line, the boys stayed tight and compact, resulting in sustaining ultimate defensive shape, leaving no gaps for opponent opportunity. 

On September 15th, the team took on the St. Clair Saints (4-2), with continued exceptional play. The boys played with energy and confidence, creating multiple scoring opportunities in which they were able to follow through carrying out a 3-0 win.

Back on home turf on September 21st, the Bruins loaded the score board 6-1 against the Conestoga Condors (3-3). Continuing the winning streak, the boys played with enthusiasm and certainty, producing sharp passes, dominating plays, and overall creating numerous scoring opportunities, to which offense was able to carry through.  

On the road in Ancaster playing against the Redeemer Royals (0-6), the team from start to finish did not back down. Playing with confidence, generating multiple scoring chances, and staying positionally tight throughout the game, the boys lead with another 6-1 victory. 

Continuing on the road the Bruins were up against the current first place team; the Humber Hawks (6-1). From the moment the boys stepped foot on the field, the team played with the energy, pride and dedication. Through multiple questionable calls, and dirty plays the Bruins did not hold back, staying controlled and focused beating the Hawks 3-2. Way to Go Bruins!!!

For the final games of the 2019 season the Bruins will be up against the: Niagara Knights (1-5), Mohawk Mountaineers (1-4-1) and U of T Mississauga Eagles (5-1). 

Come out this Saturday at home to support your Bruins as they play the Niagara Knights.

Game Details: Saturday 5th at 2:00pm against the Knights at the Trafalgar Campus.