Josie Kelly
Josie Kelly

 Josie Kelly worked at Sheridan in a variety of roles for 28 years, the balance of which were spent leading the administrative support team in Athletics and Recreation.

Her unmatched work ethic was a key to the Double Blue's rejuvenation in the new millennium. Josie kept a steady hand on the finances, eligibility issues, and major event execution throughout the resurgence of the Bruin program. Wayne Allison (Hall of Fame class of 2016) had a front row seat to Josie's importance in the re-build.

"I would come in the office and Jim would be bouncing off the walls as usual, coming up with yet another initiative. And there was Josie, steady hand on the wheel, day after day," Allison said. "Jim was the first to admit that there was no way the success could have happened without her. She truly became an expert at her role."

Josie's dedication to students was apparent in all her work at Sheridan, including stints with the Student Union and in the finance office, but her home was Athletics and Recreation. Even after her retirement in 2017, she still pitches in with expertise, making sure that the department continues to move in a cohesive direction.

Dean of Students Maria Lucido-Bezely was excited to hear that such a deserving candidate would be enshrined in the Hall.

"Josie is, in many ways, a model Student Affairs professional," she said. "She is humble, passionate, and completely dedicated to student success. I couldn't be more proud to have worked with someone like her."