Sky Blue Endowment Fund


Friends of the Bruins,

In 2001, we sought to secure the future of Bruins Athletics by starting the Sky-Blue Endowment Fund. Like most things at Sheridan, we wanted our endowment- and our scholarships- to be different. Therefore, athletic scholarships at Sheridan are awarded only to those that are progressing towards graduation. All student-athletes are treated equally, regardless of gender, sport or ability. We truly believe in putting the “student” back in the concept of the student-athlete.

With the rising cost of tuition, we are endeavoring to provide much needed support for our Varsity Athletes. The Bruins carry a full academic workload, practice daily and represent the double-blue with all the class and success that you have come to expect. Many carry part-time jobs while balancing this busy schedule. Our support attempts to lighten the load of those student-athletes who give of themselves in order to represent Sheridan.

Since the inception of the fund, the support and growth have been tremendous. In fact, we recently surpassed the $2,000,000 mark! Donations have come from former student-athletes, alumni, Student Union, administrators, faculty and even from those with no specific ties to Sheridan. We are eternally grateful.

You can step forward and support our athletes now and into the future with even the smallest gift. This year, when you are selecting a charity to support, please consider the Sky-Blue Fund.

Go Bruins!


Jim Flack


Athletics and Recreation



The Sky Blue Fund has three different levels of support for all of those who contribute. All donors will be included on the Sheridan annual report and will be provided with a tax receipt.

For any further information and donation options, please contact Jim Flack at

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Funds will be endowed for academic/athletic awards based on contribution to team spirit, success, financial need, without gender preference or bias.