Larry Guarascia
Larry Guarascia

Larry Guarascia was a lineman who came to Sheridan when he was 19 from St.Mary’s High School in 1976.

A graduate of the 3 year Business Administration Marketing program he went on to work 30 years for Rozoni Foods but football was his calling. You can’t always follow your passion but Larry was a person that knew you could always bring it with you. He was a dedicated student of the game and it’s evidenced by his impact as a coach and teacher through 30 years of minor football.

He knew that if you bring your passion with you, you can apply it to anything that makes sense. He mastered Coach Bernie Custis’ philosophies and strategies; Pay attention to the detail, block and tackle better than the team you’re playing, you win.

The level of excellence is not always obvious or appreciated in interior line play and centre is not the most glamorous position, but it is where football battles are often won. Larry always had the dirtiest uniform, a private testimony to the intensity of the combat. He had quick hands and feet and combined with an intelligent, disciplined technique he frustrated and infuriated many defensive players.

He was the Bruins MVP lineman and made the all-star team every year he played.

Larry’s enthusiasm and active leadership was also felt off the field being involved in a range of Athletic Department activities and events from refereeing to assisting with the women’s OCAA hockey championships that Sheridan hosted in 1978.

Larry was the recipient of the Athletic Department’s “Hard-to-Replace” Award that recognized outstanding student contributions during those years.
An intense competitor even playing intramural hockey; Opponents or team mates alike quickly learned there were no half efforts when you pulled on a jersey to play with “Guarasch.”

In the words of Coach Custis, “Larry brought strong leadership to our teams and was a shining example of what can be accomplished when a player is totally committed to the task at hand.”

He played football like his life depended on it; he remained humble and always accepted responsibility for the outcome. These are the qualities of a champion and Larry embodied these in full measure helping Bruins Football win three OCFL Championships (’76, ’77, ’78) and two Ontario/Quebec titles in ’76 and ’77.
Courage and heart helped make Larry one of the Bruins best players but he also proved the he was an even better person.