Pat Blundy
Pat Blundy

Pat Houston joined the staff in 1974 as a graduate of Brock University. A summary of Pat’s curriculum vitae and accomplishments does not do justice to her contribution to the very fabric of Sheridan Athletics. It is much more telling, and much more accurate to describe just how passionate Pat was, and is, about Bruins Athletics.

At times, Pat coordinated Varsity sports, run extramural and intramural activities, and ensured that fitness classes and instructional activities were run seamlessly. Pat was the one who went into the community to arrange partnerships that allowed our students to do everything from horseback riding, to golf, to swimming and ice skating. She was truly a great emissary for this school. But that is not the entire story. Pat Blundy did this with humility and a sense of servitude that is so often lacking in this day and age. She also did it while coordinating varsity sports, most notably women’s volleyball and hockey.

The very foundation of student programming was born from her very creative mind. The advertising throughout the buildings at Sheridan are staked out in territories claimed by Pat. The athletic banquet at the end of the year always functioned most smoothly when Pat had her hands in the finer details of what we were doing.

The original concept of even having a web-site for Athletics was Pat’s idea. She had a vision of how athletics could benefit from a great site, and put countless hours in to make it happen. Those were the seeds of, the most visited Athletic site in the OCAA. Even when financial times were very, very tough here, Pat found a way to continue to move forward, often doing even more with less.

Pat Blundy did all of this without fanfare. No “coach of the year” awards. No “athletic director titles”. No big speeches to rally the troops. All Pat usually needed was a thank-you. Pat did it because she believed in the work. She did it because she believed in Sheridan. Pat did it because she was the quintessential professional woman who juggled career and home, and was somehow able to do it without neglecting either.