Men's soccer comeback slips away in final minutes against Humber

Men's soccer comeback slips away in final minutes against Humber

OAKVILLE, Ont. - After a spirited second half performance saw them climb out of a 2-0 halftime deficit, the Sheridan Bruins men's soccer team (4-2 OCAA) saw a point slip away, when they failed to clear a ball from the area, and suffered a 3-2 loss to Humber, on an 85th minute winner.

"Our boys worked so hard to climb back in this game, so the end result is clearly disappointing, but we're going to try and take as many positives away as we can," head coach Andrew Seuradge said. "Humber scoring those two goals so quickly, it really put the momentum on their side. But I'm proud of the way we recovered and we were right there until the very end."

At the half hour mark, Humber's Claudio Sereno scored a brace in back-to-back minutes, momentarily stunning the Bruins.

Three minutes on the other side of the interval, the Double-Blue pulled one back in spectacular fashion, with Anthony Wright connecting on a bicycle kick.

Sheridan kept pushing forward looking for the equalizer, and would find it in the 75th minute, after Reshuan Walkes was hauled down in the area, with Mathew Santos converting the ensuing penalty.

It was an otherwise nondescript moment in the 85th minute, but when the Bruins failed to clear the ball from deep within their half, Humber's Tomasz Balicki was able to pounce and supply the winner.

Although he points out that it's a harsh lesson to learn, Seuradge is hoping his club realizes they need to stay alert and focused for all 90 minutes.

"It's a reminder of how narrow the margin can be, the higher the level of competition gets," he said. "It doesn't just come down to how we handle ourselves in our third, it's also why we talk so frequently about finishing off as many chances as we can. When you leave the door open even a crack, good teams are going to find a way through. We want to be a team that slams the door shut."

The Bruins will play the road leg of the Region of Peel derby on Oct. 3 (4:30pm) with a trip to UTM.